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Full paint correction on exotic porsche 911

Detail Studio

Ceramic Coating and Auto Detailing Shop - Chicago, IL

Aesthetic Detail Studio is Chicago, Illinois' premier full service auto detail shop specializing in exotic and luxury vehicles. Offering everything from a simple wash and wax to meticulous paint correction,  ceramic coatings and PPF, the ADS team’s attention to detail will leave your vehicle looking better than the day it left the lot.

Auto Detailing packages

Our auto detailing packages are a great place to start if you're new to auto detailing, looking for an introduction to ceramic coating, or just don't feel like picking out each service for a full detail. With six options to choose from, they're packed with a taste of each of our service categories, offer a great value, and will leave your vehicle spotless inside and out. 

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Auto Detailing

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Give us a call and in less than 15 minute we can help you choose a service that fits your needs and your budget. 

Automotive paint decontamination on white SUV


Hydrophobic auto paint after a professionally applied a ceramic coating





Clean and polished motorcycle wheel


Professional auto detailer washing a sports car by hand


Professional automotive paint protection spray bottle for auto detailers


Paint correction in chicago, Il


Automotive interior detailing and fabric cleaning in Chicago


WHy choose
Aesthetic Detail Studio?

Professional auto detailer cleaning Porsche 911 wheels


More than 16 years of automotive detailing expertise, paired with ASE-certified techs means you can rest easy knowing your car is in the best hands. 

Professional Auto detailer performing paint correction on a sedan


Our techs are car people. They know and love cars, and most importantly, they know and love your paint. They take pride in making your car look the best it possibly can. 

Scratches repaired on sideview mirror by Chicago professional auto detailer



Our team holds certifications from the best brands in the industry, including Modesta ceramic coatings, Xpel PPF, and a current ASE certification.

Auto Detail Services overview

Soap on surface of Porsche 911 after professional hand wash

Hand Wash

Hand washes are the foundation of any quality auto detail. Our pH neutral vehicle washes begin with specially selected wash mitts designed to lift dirt from the paint surface as delicately as possible.


Soap is carefully selected based on the type of wash and services following it, ranging from a simple maintenance car wash, to decontamination, ceramic maintenance, or surface strip wash.

A pre-wash foam cannon soak carries heavy dirt and particulates from the surface before we ever touch the paint. Bugs and particulates embedded in the paint are removed using polymeric cleaners and specialized pre-treatment steps to prevent scratching the paint surface.


A multi-bucket method combined with grit guards prevents recontamination of your vehicle's paint during the wash.


A final rinse with de-Ionized water followed by a heated, filtered blow dry and hand dry completes the auto wash process. 

Chemical Paint Decontamination on white SUV

Paint Decontamination

Midwest weather and road conditions put our vehicles (and paint) through some of the harshest conditions in the country.  From long harsh winters, endless construction, insect swarms, bird droppings, industrial fallout, and other road debris, our cars can live a rough life. 


While regular auto washing removes the majority of visible contamination, it leaves behind embedded particulates that require more invasive extraction techniques for safe removal.


There are two primary decontamination methods, chemical and mechanical. When combined, they ensure a fully decontaminated paint surface, ready for protection. Check our our paint decontamination page for more information.

Paint Protection

Automotive paint protection comes in many forms, with varying degrees of protection, gloss, depth, and durability. No matter what you choose, it is essential to protect your paint from the elements if you'd like to extend its life. 

Auto waxes, while still popular, provide the least durability and longevity. Paint sealants are a step up from waxes, and will last longer while offering similar hydrophobic qualities.


Ceramic infused waxes and sealants provide a higher level of durability but require reapplication throughout the course of a year. 

Ceramic coatings are the ultimate form of vehicle paint protection, and while they are often more expensive than waxes or sealants, they provide extended paint protection of up to 5 years. 

Visit our paint protection page to compare all of our options side by side.

Professional auto detailer using dual action polisher to perform paint correction

Paint Correction

Today's vehicles often leave the dealer lot with scratches, swirl marks, scuffs, paint transfer, orange peel and more. Repairing these paint defects often requires a process called paint correction. Paint correction employs the help of micro-abrasive compounds applied with rotating polishers to 'level' the paint, removing a very fine layer to expose a fresh surface and smooth our any imperfections. You can think of it as a sort of auto paint exfoliation. 


While many claim to offer this service, it is not one you should allow just anyone to perform. Improper paint correction by inexperienced detailers can leave your paint looking dull at best, and at worst leave you with burn through and UV failure. Fixing these mistakes can add up to thousands of dollars and sometimes require paint respray. 


The team at ADS has been specializing in paint correction for more than 15 years and has experience with an exceptionally broad range of paint types. When you leave your vehicle with ADS, you can rest easy knowing that your paint is being corrected by experts.

Don't forget to protect your paint with a ceramic coating or PPF after your correction is complete!

Auto detailer extracting dirt from seats

Interior Detailing

The inside of your vehicle is just as important (if not more important) than the exterior. For many, it serves as a home away from home. In fact, its likely you spend more time looking at the inside of your vehicle than the outside. 

For this reason, keeping your interior surfaces clean and looking their best is something we love to do. Today's vehicles feature a variety of delicate materials requiring special care to ensure a long life. 

Our interior detailing services shine due to our extraordinary level of attention to detail, focusing on the areas where it matters the most, using the safest methods possible. 

Visit our Interior Detailing page to learn more.

Yamaha R1M motorcycle after professional auto detail

Motorcycle, Marine and RV Detailing 

Available for motorcycles, performance watercraft, recreational vehicles (RVs), and more, our powersports detailing services will protect your investment and ensure you're proud to be seen using it. 


Services range from maintenance washes, to full paint corrections, ceramic coatings, and hull restorations.  Visit our Powersports Detailing page to see what we offer for your machine. 

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