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Modesta Ceramic Coatings

Developed and manufactured in Japan, Modesta Ceramic Coatings are offered exclusively through a select network of professional detailers. Modesta Coatings are, without question, the best coatings we have tested and applied. Their full line of ceramic coatings covers every surface in your car that needs protection. We offer a number of ceramic coatings at ADS, but if you are looking for the absolute best ceramic coating for your vehicle, look no further.

All Modesta coatings are fully IR-cured before leaving the studio using shortwave lamps. This ensures each coating is at its hardest, glossiest, and most durable state before it leaves our shop into your hands.

Here are the world-class Modesta Ceramic Coatings offered by Aesthetic Detail Studio:

Modesta Paint Coatings

Modesta BC-04 Bottle
Modesta BC-05 Bottles


Nano-Titanium Glass Coating

This Nano-Titanium glass coating is a culmination of the Modesta pure glass coatings that came before it. Taking the best characteristics of BC-01, 02, and 03 Modesta created BC-04 - a coating that provides a deep gloss, chemical staining resistance, and high durability. This coating provides 5 years or more of protection and easy maintenance, so your vehicle can always look its best. 

Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating

Based on a three dimensional molecular frame and curated to provide even higher gloss and durability than BC-04, Modesta BC-05 brings a deep, reflective, candy-like shine and can shockingly reduce a vehicle's drag coefficient. BC-05 can offer up to 7 years of protection when properly maintained. 

Modesta BC-06 Bottle
Modesta BC-08 Bottle
Modesta BC-PL Bottle
Modesta BC-M Bottle


Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating for Wheels & Body

Modesta BC-06 is extremely heat resistant and designed for both painted and wheel surfaces. Maintaining its integrity at temperatures up to 1,300 C, it forms a solid protective glass layer - this makes BC-06 an exceptional ceramic protection choice for rare, expensive, or one-off wheels. Once cured, BC-06 protects against brake dust, chemicals, oxidation, and environmental conditions 10 years when maintained and cared for by a professional Modesta installer. 


Neosillica Matrix Coating

Offering high-dollar protection at an affordable price, BC-08 is Modesta's entry level coating. With up to three years of ceramic protection the Neosillica ceramic is a great way to keep the painted surfaces of your daily driven vehicles easy to maintain and looking their best.


Private Label

This two-part ceramic coating is the absolute best Modesta has to offer. Using a combination of organic and inorganic technology, BC-PL offers unparalleled gloss, protection, chemical resistance, and easy cleaning for up to 10 years when maintained properly. Designed for the auto enthusiast who accepts nothing but the very best, Private Label is guaranteed to impress.


Glass Coating for Matte Surfaces

BC-M is Modesta's coating designed specifically for Matte surfaces. Offering the same level of extreme ceramic protection as their other offerings, but without the depth and shine, BC-M can last up to 10 years when properly maintained. 

Modesta Wheel Coatings

Modesta BC-09 Bottle


Hi-PHPS Coating

Specifically designed with wheel protection in mind, and based on the highly heat-resistant BC-06 coating, BC-09 creates a highly durable hydrophilic layer of special polysilazane molecules that can protect surfaces against the harsh elements that wheels experience. With proper care and maintenance, BC-09 can protect your wheels for up to 10 years. 

Modesta Leather Coatings

Modesta Leather Protection System (LPS)

The Modesta Leather Protection System delivers exceptional protection to all leather and leather-like surfaces in  vehicle interiors. This two-part system is the only one on the market that protects the delicate surfaces from both liquid penetration and abrasion. 

Modesta Leather Protection System Bottles

Modesta Glass Protection

EGC - Exterior Glass Coating

Offering years of improved wet weather visibility and easy cleaning, this ceramic coating designed specifically for glass surfaces. Modesta EGC bonds directly with the glass to create a hydrophobic layer that resists bug and dirt adhesion, meaning your windshields stay cleaner, longer. 

Modesta EGC Bottles

Modesta Ceramic Coatings Comparison


Need help deciding? Let our professional detailers guide you: 

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