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Soapy car paint after hand wash by Chicago professional detailer

Tier 3 - Platinum Package 

Decontamination / Machine Gloss Enhancement / Ceramic Spray Protection - Starting at $400

This package improves upon the Silver and Gold detail packages by adding a machine gloss enhancement step after a complete decontamination process. This polishing step acts as a paint cleaner and light polish, remedying light swirls and boosting surface gloss.


 This process is followed with a spray ceramic coating to protect the freshly polished paint, at a significantly lower cost than a traditional ceramic coating.   

Package includes:

  • pH neutral hand wash, including door jambs

  • Chemical decontamination and embedded iron removal

  • Mechanical decontamination (clay bar)

  • Wheels deep cleaned to remove surface brake dust and road film

  • Tires deep cleaned to remove blooming and tire stains, finished with dressing

  • Interior vacuumed, composite mats cleaned

  • Steering column, center console, dash wiped clean 

  • Heated carpet extraction

  • Interior steam cleaning

  • Leather cleaned and conditioned 

  • Interior trim protectant applied

  • Engine bay wash

  • Machine gloss enhancement

  • Ceramic spray coating on painted exterior surfaces

You save over 50% on these services with this promotional package. 

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