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Soapy car paint after hand wash by Chicago professional detailer

Tier 1 - Silver Package 

Light Maintenance Detail - Starting at $175


Keep your vehicle clean and protected with this light maintenance auto detailing package. Perfect for cars that are kept tidy and mostly clean, this package will make your interior a nicer place to spend your commute while protecting your exterior against the elements.  ​

Porsche tiers-02.png

​Package includes: 

  • pH neutral hand wash, including door jambs

  • Chemical decontamination and embedded iron removal

  • Wheels deep cleaned to remove surface brake dust and road film

  • Tires deep cleaned to remove blooming and tire stains, finished with dressing

  • Interior vacuumed, composite mats cleaned

  • Steering column, center console, and dashboard cleaned 

  • Polymer spray paint protection applied

You save over 30% on these services with this detailing package. 

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