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Soapy car paint after hand wash by Chicago professional detailer

Weekend Warrior
Ceramic Coating  Package

Protection for your garaged pride and joy

Starting at $1,350


Spend your weekends driving your weekend whip, not cleaning it. ​


A considerable step up from our Daily Driver package, the Weekend Warrior Ceramic package is curated for  vehicles that garage kept  and driven infrequently. The package includes a more through paint correction and NV Nova's  professional grade ceramic coating which provides a higher level of gloss enhancement  along with increased durability and protection against the scratching, water spots, and environmental hazards encountered on spirited weekend drives. 


​Weekend Warrior Ceramic Coating package includes: 

  • pH-safe prep wash and decontamination 

  • 1 step paint correction - a single stage polish which  removes light and medium paint defects and swirl marks - a step above the enhancement polish included in the Daily Driver package

  • Secondary pre-coating wash to remove remaining polishing oils and ensure surfaces are prepared for strong coating bond

  • NV Nova Pro 3- 5 Yr Coating installed on all painted surfaces, head and tail lamps, trim and wheel faces Tires Dressed 

  • Basic Interior Cleaning - carpets vacuumed, remove dust from dash and console areas, dress trim and dashboard with appropriate protection, clean all interior glass and mirrors, mist air freshener (full interior detailing is available at an added cost) 

  • 1 year warranty protecting against water spotting or chemical staining (proof of regular washing required)

  • Optional: Coating maintenance plan - includes 3-5 years of ceramic maintenance washes as well as a 3-5 year warranty protecting against water spotting, chemical staining, bug etching, coating failure or coating delamination

You save 20-30% on these services with this detailing package. 

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