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Soapy car paint after hand wash by Chicago professional detailer

Full Coverage
Ceramic Coating Package

Our top tier ceramic coating package

Starting at $1,950


Long-lasting 360 degree ceramic protection for anything with 4 wheels. 

The full coverage ceramic coating package has been curated to offer extremely high protection on every vehicle surface at an unbeatable price. This package includes all of the necessary preparation steps before applying a series of NV Nova ceramic coatings to your vehicle's paint, wheels, and glass. Guaranteed to give your vehicle head-turning shine and exceptionally long-lasting protection against the elements. 


​Package includes: 

  • pH-safe prep wash and full paint decontamination

  • 1-step paint correction, eliminating at least 70% of visible defects

  • Secondary pre-coating wash to remove remaining polishing oils and ensure surfaces are prepared for strong coating bond

  • Wheels-off decontamination and coating prep

  • NV Nova Pro installed on all painted surfaces, head and tail lamps and trim

  • NV Nova Wheel installed on wheel faces, barrels, and brake calipers 

  • NV Nova Glass installed on front and rear windshields 

  • Basic Interior Cleaning - carpets vacuumed, remove dust from dash and console areas, dress trim and dashboard with appropriate protection, clean all interior glass and mirrors, mist air freshener (full interior detailing is available at an added cost) 

  • Tires cleaned and dressed with Si-based dressing

  • 1 Year warranty against all coating defects beginning on date of installation. *

  • Optional: Coating maintenance plan - includes 5 years of ceramic maintenance washes as well as a 5 year warranty protecting against water spotting, chemical staining, bug etching, coating failure, or coating delamination

You save 20-30% on these services with this detailing package. 

*Warranty applies to paint and wheel coatings only. Warranty does not apply to glass coating due to wear from windshield wipers.

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