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Porsche 911 Hand Wash at Aesthetic Detail Studio

Hand Wash Packages

Maintain the appearance of your car’s paint with one of our meticulous hand wash packages and see the difference a professional wash makes.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash

Starting at $110

After a ceramic coating has been professionally applied, a specialized ceramic-friendly products must be used for maintenance washes. This hand wash package leverages the same 8-step process as our pH neutral wash, but with SiO2-based products. 

  1. 7-step wheel cleansing process

  2. Presoak with snow foam to remove surface debris, pressure rinse

  3. Hand wash with merino wool mitts and pH balanced soap

  4. Spot clean emblems, grills, vents, etc. with ultra-soft detailing brush

  5. Glass cleansing with premium Korean microfiber 

  6. Apply sling-resistant tire dressing

  7. Warm forced air drying process

  8. Final hand dry with premium Korean microfiber and specialized drying aid

Rolls Royce Ceramic Maintenance Wash at Aesthetic Detail Studio
Engine Bay Cleaning

Basic engine bay cleaning starting at $60

Deep engine bay cleaning starting at $375

A clean engine bay means you can be proud to pop the hood the next time someone asks about the powerplant on your pride and joy. Our engine bay package tackles the hard-to-reach areas under the hood, while taking care not to damage the sensitive electronics on modern vehicles.

Undercarriage Wash & Anti Rust Coat

Starting at $125

Salt brine and de-icing chemicals used during frigid Chicago winters to keep the roads safe can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exposed metal parts, accelerating corrosion. Our undercarriage and anti-rust treatment will help to slow this process and protect your vehicle year round.

Vehicle undercarriage before cleaning by Aesthetic Detail Studio
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