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Fearri F40 Headlights after restoration

The art

of detailing


The AOD package combines all of the best interior and exterior auto detailing services we offer ​and dials them up to 11. Going far beyond paint correction and intensive interior detailing, we'll leave no stone unturned as we prepare your luxury, exotic, or rare vehicle.

The process begins with a full and thorough inspection of the vehicle, highlighting any problem areas or abnormalities, as well as a pre-service photo inspection. From there, we proceed with exhaustive detailing stage, taking no less than 4 days. After detailing and and paint correction, your vehicle will be protected with the industry's finest custom paint protection film and topped with a 5 year ceramic coating, cured with IR lights. Finally, we reassemble the vehicle, thoroughly  inspect the paint and interior one last time and give your car the star treatment with a professional photography session. 


When you arrive to receive your vehicle, we'll send you on your way with a scheduled 12-wash AOD thank you package to ensure the ceramic coating lasts as long as possible. 


This is without a doubt the finest, most intensive and exhaustive Concours-level auto detailing service you will find, no questions asked. Perfection is the only acceptable result. 

Duration: 5-8 business days

Price: Starting at $6,500.00 - contact us for more details


The Full Process

  • Inspection

    • Intensive vehicle inspection, including but not limited to paint condition, wheel contamination, engine bay, interior, rock chips, body damage, etc. 

    • Pre-detail photo session and identification of problem areas

  • Detail

    • Art of Detailing Interior Detail Service

      • Fabric surfaces cleansed and problem areas/stains addressed

      • Fabric surfaces treated with hydrophobic protection for stain resistance

      • Trim deep cleaned using steam to lift body oils, dust, and other contaminants

      • Vents and trim crevices flushed to remove dust and debris

      • Leather deep cleaned to remove oils and contamination

      • Leather conditioned and treated with Leather Lock protection to seal the surface and prevent cracking, fading, staining, and damage

      • Glass surfaces glass cleaned and treated with surface protection

      • Interior matte plastic surfaces treated and sealed with ceramic coating to lock in rich new appearance for years

      • Interior gloss plastics polished to remove visible defects, swirling, and scratches

      • Interior gloss plastics treated with custom cut protective film

    • Art of Detailing Exterior Detail Service​

      • De-badge paintwork for complete paint surface correction 

      • Wheels removal for deep strip wash - wheel wells flushed, engine bay degreased, door jambs cleaned, undercarriage degreased and cleared of road chemicals, grille trim crevices steam meticulously cleaned

      • Full chemical and mechanical paint decontamination on all surfaces, including wheels

      • Pre- and post-correction paint thickness analysis

      • Full multi-stage paint correction process to remove 99% of surface defects including rids, dust nibs, orange peel, holograms, swirl marks, water spotting, surface etching, etc.), including any door jambs where clear coat is applied

      • Wheels polished to restore gloss and correct defects where applicable

      • Two-stage ph-neutral ceramic prep wash to remove debris from sanding and correction 

      • Final refinement polish to bring out the best possible finish to showcase the paint's depth and reflectivity

      • All badges hand polished, prepped, and ceramic coated before reinstallation

  • Protection

    • Custom cut front paint protection film installed (full vehicle available for an added fee)

    • All exterior surfaces coated with premium 5-year ceramic coating, including all plastic trim

    • Wheels (including spare) coated with a unique premium 2 layer ceramic coating for extreme longevity and rich gloss

    • Brake calipers, wheel wells, and suspension components ceramic coated for easy cleaning and a deep shine

    • Engine bay plastics and trim ceramic coated and protected

    • All ceramic coated surfaces are cured with an infrared treatment for high durability 

  • Finishing touches

    • Final paint inspection and wipe 

    • Professional photography session 

    • AOD care package, including 12 monthly ceramic maintenance hand washes

Questions about The Art of Detailing Package?

Give us a call, text, or email and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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