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Paint Chip Repair

Tailgating, roadwork, and large vehicles without mudflaps can leave your car's bumpers, hood, fenders, and even roof peppered with wounds, aka paint chips. If these paint chips are deep enough, they can remove more than just the paint - they can take the primer with them as well.

These deep chips expose your vehicle's bare skin to the elements, leaving the door wide open for rust to charge in. Once rust takes hold of a vehicle it can be nearly impossible to stop it without taking drastic measures, so it is imperative to stop the rust before it starts. 

Our meticulous automotive paint chip repair service will not only protect your car's body panels against rust, it'll also boost your vehicle's appearance. By preparing the surface of each chip before applying paint, clear coat, and a final protective coating, we go beyond just fixing the chip, we fill the void in the paint, making the imperfection disappear. 


Pricing varies based on severity, so give us a call or text and in less than 10 minutes we'll get you a price and appointment. 

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