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Soapy car paint after hand wash by Chicago professional detailer

Tier 2 - Gold Package 

Paint Decontamination w/ Ceramic Spray Protection - Starting at $275

This package builds on the Silver detailing package by adding a mechanical decontamination process and deeper interior cleaning. Using a clay bar to decontaminate your paint helps to lift embedded road grime and particles that cannot be removed with a simple wash. Heated carpet extraction draws dirt and grime from your carpets and our gentle leather cleaning process brings the color and soft feel back to your seats. Paint protection is also elevated in this detailing package with a high quality ceramic spray sealant that enhances gloss. 

Package includes: 

  • pH neutral hand wash, including door jambs

  • Chemical decontamination and embedded iron removal

  • Wheels deep cleaned to remove surface brake dust and road film

  • Tires deep cleaned to remove blooming and tire stains, finished with dressing

  • Interior vacuumed, composite mats cleaned

  • Front carpet  spot and stain treatment

  • Steering column, center console, dash wiped clean 

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning

  • Engine bay wash

  • Ceramic spray sealant applied

You save over 50% on these services with this detailing package. 

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