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European sedan after professional interior detail by Aesthetic Detail Studio

Interior Detailing Services

You spend more time looking at the inside of your vehicle than the outside, and the interiors of our vehicles can get pretty gross (read our blog on the 5 most disgusting places in your car).

Our interior detailing packages decontaminate your interior, leaving your surfaces spotless, your seats refreshed, and your carpet stain-free. We can even eliminate heavy odors left from smoking, pets, and spoiled food. Add on services like leather restoration and interior surface correction are available as well. 

For added protection, we offer ceramic coatings and paint protection film for interior surfaces. Our services can even be reported to Carfax, adding value when the time comes to sell. 

Choose one of our three package options and make your car a great place to spend time in. 

Chicago auto detailer cleaning car seats
Interior Cleaning - Dry


Our entry level interior package, it includes: 

  • Vacuum removal of loose contaminants from seats, carpets, cup holders, compartments

  • Console crevices cleaned with detail picks and vacuumed 

  • Dashboard, gauge cluster, radio, console, doors, and vents are cleaned and treated with vinyl, plastic, or textile protectant

  • All glass cleaned with premium Korean microfiber and glass cleaner

  • Door jambs washed with waterless wash solution

  • Carpet fluffed with tamping brush

  • Atomized air freshener

Interior Cleaning - Wet


A step up from the dry package, this includes all of the above services as well as: 

  • Fabric seats scrubbed with upholstery brush

  • Leather seats are hand cleaned and conditioned.

  • Heated carpet and fabric stain extraction

  • ​Floor mats and liners removed, shampooed, heat extracted, and air dried 

  • Spot clean headliner

Optional upgrade: fabric ceramic coating to prevent future stains

Chicago auto detailer performing dirt extraction on car seats
Meticulously detailed Porsche 911 by Aesthetic Detail Studio in Bolingbrook, IL
Interior Cleaning - Trifecta


Take your interior to the next level with the ultimate interior cleaning package. This 3-step process ensures no surface is left untouched. It includes all services in the above dry and wet packages, as well as: ​

  • All controls, buttons, switches, crevices, handles, knobs, seat belts, seat tracks, window seals, vents, etc. steam cleaned to kill bacteria and remove remnants of contamination.

  • Steering wheel is cleaned to remove all traces of skin oils and dead skin

*Prices may vary slightly depending on the condition of the vehicle interior. 

See the difference we can make...
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