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Automotive repair services taking place at Aesthetic Detail Studio

Maintenance and Repair Services

As ASE-Certified mechanics with nearly two decades of experience, the team at Aesthetic Detail Studio is proud to offer automotive and motorcycle maintenance and repair services.


Everything from brakes, tire rotations, and routine vehicle maintenance to computer diagnostics and suspension services are handled in-house by experienced, certified, and insured professionals. 



Experience: Our ASE Certified team has nearly two decades of experience repairing and maintaining cars, trucks, and diesel machines. 

Communication: Our team knows the value of clear, honest communication - and you deserve to know and understand exactly what is going on with your vehicle, and how we plan to fix it. Our team can talk you though your car's issues and work with you to plan a way to resolve them, in way that you understand.  

Fair pricing: We offer competitive pricing at rates much lower than your local dealership

We work clean: We also know that everyone loves a clean car - that's why every automotive service job includes a free exterior wash. Larger, more involved jobs will even include an interior detail, adding value and sending you on your way with a clean, finely tuned machine. Customers who book detailing services alongside repair services receive 10% off their total bill. 

Premium parts only: Our team is dedicated to offering you the best, and that includes the parts we install on your vehicle. Aesthetic Detail Studio uses exclusively OEM parts and never installs used or remanufactured parts just to save a buck. Rest easy knowing that when we work on  your vehicle, you're getting the best quality parts to keep you safe and your car performing at its peak. ​



Check Engine Light Scans and Diagnostics

Check engine light on the dash? We've got you covered. We've got the tools needed to determine the problem and create a plan to solve it. 


Brake Maintenance and ABS Diagnostics

Brakes are the most important safety system your car has. Let us make sure that your vehicle can stop on a dime, every time, with new brake pads, rotors, and fresh brake fluid. 


Oil Changes

The most important regular maintenance job on any internal combustion vehicle, regular oil changes help your car run longer and more efficiently. We  exclusively use Amsoil lubricants to make sure your car gets the best and only the best. 


Fluid Changes

Oil is not the only fluid you need to think about when it comes to the life of your car. Coolant, power steering fluid, transmission lubricants and more can affect your car's performance. We're prepared to inspect and replace any fluid your car requires with only the best products available.


Tire Rotations

Your tires rotate when you drive, but have you rotated them yourself? Regular tire rotations can help you get the most out of your expensive rubber, ensuring they're wearing evenly. 


Filter Replacements

Air filters, cabin air filters, and more - your vehicle requires clean air and fluids to operate at its best. Schedule an appointment to have your filters inspected and replaced regularly for optimal perfomance. 


Headlight Service and Replacement

Having trouble driving at night? Your car's headlights may need a cleaning or even an upgrade. Give us a call to see how we can help improve nighttime driving visibility on your car. 


Suspension Adjustment and Repair

Car feeling sloppy around corners? Does it feel like a pogo stick when you hit bumps? It may be time for a suspension service. Give us a call to schedule a suspension inspection and see how we can improve the ride and handling of your car with new suspension components. 

Auto Service Pricing & Details

Automotive diagnosis for unknown issues: $270 (flat fee)*

General Labor: $135/hr

*Diagnosis of more than 2 hours is billed at the general labor rate. The auto diagnosis base fee of $270 will be applied towards your final invoice if you choose to have Aesthetic Detail Studio complete repairs in-house. Exact pricing varies by service and vehicle, so contact us for more information.

Have questions about our Maintenance and Repair services? 


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