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NV Car Care USA
Ceramic Coatings

Designed and refined over more than 15 years, NV Car Care has finally brought their extremely successful line of ceramic coatings to the United States. Offering exceptional hydrophobic properties and increasing paint gloss in just a single layer application, NV Car Care Ceramic Coatings can improve the look of your vehicle while adding a layer of protection.  The full line offers coatings for paint, fabric, and everything in between. 


Here are the NV Car Care USA Ceramic Coatings offered by Aesthetic Detail Studio:

Maserati coated with NV Nova Pro Ceramic Coating
Paint Coatings

NV Pro

The newest addition and innovation in the NV line, Nova Pro ceramic coating builds on the most robust gloss & protection properties of Nova EVO in a unique formula designed exclusively for professional installation. Nova Pro offers exceptional gloss, depth, and self-cleaning properties that far exceed the competition. When properly maintained, NV Nova Pro can protect against UV rays, chemicals, weather, bird droppings, oxidation, road salt, grime, and more for up to three years. 

NV Nova Evo

Nova EVO is an innovative hybrid coating that utilizes specific ingredients that focus on long-lasting durability & protection, and immense gloss. This professional-grade hybrid coating is super easy to use and encases your vehicle in a hydrophobic layer that will make your vehicle easier to clean and leave it shining for years.

Wheel Coatings

Nova Wheel

NV Nova Wheel is a strong, protective wheel coating that repels dirt, water, and contaminants from adhering to the wheel's surface. This means that brake dust, iron particles, and other nasty contaminants struggle to bond to the rim - making your wheels stay cleaner for longer. 


This coating also adds depth and gloss to the wheel's surface and can even be applied to brake calipers, and other areas inside the wheel. It can also be applied to other metal surfaces, like exhaust tips. 

Glass Protection

Nova Glass

NV Nova Glass is a unique ceramic coating that has been designed specifically to fuse with glass surfaces, creating a bond that is stronger than the traditional coating. Due to this fusion, the coating is not affected by abrasion from windscreen wipers.

Fabric and Leather Protection


NV Guardian is a unique leather coating, due to the fact that it is water-based and aims to not only protect all types of leather systems but keep everything hydrated and in prime condition. It works on pigmented & non-pigmented leather and helps protect the leather from jean/dye transfer, whilst also preventing creasing/cracking due to superior UV protection. 

Need help deciding? Let our professional detailers guide you: 

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