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Aesthetic Detail Studio performing paint correction with dual action polisher

Paint Correction

If you’re new to detailing and have made your way here, you’re probably wondering...

What IS paint correction, and do I need it? 


Take a moment to look at your vehicle’s paint and see if you can answer these questions:


  • Does the paint have scratches and swirl marks that are visible in direct light? 

  • Does the paint finish appear dull or lack the shine it once had? 

  • Would you like to see the best shine, gloss and reflectivity from your car’s paint?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Paint Correction is the service you seek. 

The process of paint correction involves removing small amounts of clear coat through microabrasion to “level” or remove the scratches and swirl marks. While it sounds simple enough to do, improper techniques can lead to burn through, premature clear coat failure, UV damaged clear coat, paint swelling/shrinkage and more. 


Automotive Paint Correction is advertised in many different forms by most detailers, but  a true paint correction specialist is hard to come by. 


Much of the paint we correct at Aesthetic Detail Studio has been touched on by other detailers, or has been damaged by inexperienced dealership prep processes or at-home DIY detailers. Our Paint Correction Specialists are expertly trained and have experience correcting paint of all types - single stage, hard, soft, etc. They are trained to accurately diagnose and correct your paint in the least aggressive way possible, while delivering the highest results possible. 

Paint Correction being performed by Aesthetic Detail Studio

When you bring your vehicle in for correction we use highly accurate paint thickness gauges to measure the clear coat thickness, giving us a more accurate picture of the surface we have to work with. These precision tools allow us to determine the maximum level of correction possible, use should we need it. 


They also allow us to determine the current overall condition of the surface. Severe variations in readings can indicate body work with thick layers of bondo, respray work, or if a previous detailer used aggressive correction methods on a panel previously. 


When you choose Aesthetic Detail Studio, you can trust that your vehicle and its paint are in the best hands. While we offer a wide range of detailing services, paint correction is our specialty. We’re prepared to deliver concours-level quality, should you need it. 

See our correction levels below and choose the one that fits your needs, and don't forget to protect your paint afterwards, with a ceramic coating, Paint Protection Film, or both!

Paint correction on Porsche 911 performed by Aesthetic Detail Studio
Level 1: Light Machine Polish

Starting at $350

A light machine polish primarily serves as a gloss enhancement. This is an entry level paint restoration and enhancement service, and may not remove heavy swirl marks, water spotting, or oxidation on weathered vehicles.


Recommended for low mileage vehicles with lightly marred paint, this process uses a single polisher, pad, and polish to add gloss and remove any damage done during dealer preparation of new cars. 


*This service is a prerequisite for any ceramic coating we offer.

Level 2: Single Stage Correction

Starting at $600

Single stage paint correction is our best paint correction value, offering a high level of correction at an affordable price. This process is guaranteed to provide at least 75% correction levels and will remove light to medium swirl marks, mild oxidation, minor scratches, and mild marring. 


Using a mild polishing pad and a diminishing compound, this package will noticeably enhance paint depth and gloss, preparing your paint for a ceramic coating. If you decide that a ceramic coating is not for you, this package includes a layer of carnauba paste wax to protect the paint for 2-3 months.

Level 3: The Art Of Detailing - Multi Stage Correction

Starting at $1100

Sparing no expense and knowing no bounds, this obsessive level of paint correction is ideal for the enthusiast preparing for car shows and cruises. RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches), heavy swirl marks, and severe oxidation are no match for this package. Taking between 20 and 30 hours this will bring your vehicle’s paint to a depth and gloss you’ve never seen before.

*The Show Car d'Elegance upgrade is available for an additional fee, adding full color sanding, texture removal, complete surface leveling and our full suite of corrective capabilities to make your paint as close to flawless as humanly possible. Ask your detailer for more information. 

See the difference proper paint correction can make...
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