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FeynLab Ceramic Coatings offered by Aesthetic Detail Studio in Chicago, IL

FeynLab Ceramic Coatings

Feynlab Ceramic Nano Coatings were engineered from the start to be the very best in ceramic coatings for automotive applications. A fantastic option for customers looking for excellent protection on a budget, Feynlab's full line of coatings offers something for every surface of your vehicle. 


Here are the FeynLab Ceramic Coatings offered by Aesthetic Detail Studio:

Toyota Supra Coated with Feynlab Ceramic Coating
Paint Coatings

Ceramic Lite

12 months of protection
Ceramic lite is a durable, slick, hydrophobic entry-level paint coating that provides excellent gloss. This cost-effective coating has a low solids content compared to FeynLab’s other offerings while still providing excellent gloss and durability.


Ceramic V2

3 to 4 years of protection
Feynlab Ceramic V2 is a thick, protective ceramic nano coating engineered for extreme durability & protection of painted automotive surfaces. An ultra-high solids coating, CERAMIC V2 adds intense gloss, U.V. & heat protection, chemical resistance, and increased protection from the light ‘love marks’ of washing.



Ceramic Plus

5 years of protection
Feynlab Ceramic Plus is the first level of FeynLab’s self-healing line of coatings. This coating takes 40% of the capabilities of FeynLab’s self-healing nano coatings and the best properties of our ceramic coatings. Light scratches and micro marring will heal themselves. While deeper scratches while they won’t fully recover, they will be less noticeable and nearly impossible to see in some lighter paint colors.


Feynlab Self-Heal Lite

5+ years of protection

This ceramic nano coating is the perfect solution for dark colored paints, soft finishes, or vehicles deserving of the highest level of paint protection available. This coating has 60 % of the self-healing capability of our Self Heal Plus. Self Heal Lite will provide excellent resistance against light to medium scratches, swirl marks, and surface marring. 

Park the car outside under the sun on any 85+ degree F day and the self-healing matrix will reset itself with the heat. This coating also offers outstanding gloss, depth, UV protection, and the hydrophobic water shedding of FeynLab’s other ceramics.


12 months of top coat protection
A sacrificial Layer made to be applied to coatings as a wear layer to keep the coating fresh for longer, this service intensifies the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of the coating. This adds an additional protection layer on any surface it’s applied to - coated or non-coated.

Wheel Coatings

Ceramic Wheel and Caliper

1-2 years of protection

Handmade ceramic wheel coating with the quality, gloss, and durability of FeynLab Ceramic Light in a ceramic formula designed for working protection on wheels and brake calipers where temps are high and contaminants are abundant.

Glass Protection

Feynlab Window Coating

6-24 months of protection

Covalent bonding window coating. Bonds with the glass to provide a longer protection life than other glass coatings on the market.

*Warranty: Feynlab offers a factory warranty that allows the owner or the installing dealer to to maintain the coating. The warranty duration is based on the life of each coating.


Need help deciding? Let our professional detailers guide you: 

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