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Vehicle being driven in the rain with wipers on and very clear windshield.

Windshield Polishing & Glass Correction

Have you ever wondered why you're finding it difficult to see through your windshield while driving at night or in bad weather?


Mineral deposits, scratches, rock chips, and other abuse from road debris causes windshields and other auto glass to lose clarity over time. Worse, they can even cause windshield wipers to become less efficient. Replacing windshields can be extremely expensive, especially on modern cars, ranging from a few hundred dollars into the thousands.


The process is starts with a meticulous cleaning process, we help to strip whatever minerals and debris we can from the glass. Next, a polish is applied to remove a very thin layer of material. Once we've removed as many imperfections as possible, we seal the glass with a hydrophobic sealant to help water quickly bead up and roll away. 

Our glass polishing services will give you the clarity of a new glass, without the high cost.


Pricing for this service is time-based, at $75/hour - please contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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