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IGL Ceramic Coatings offered by Aesthetic Detail Studio in Chicago, IL

IGL Ceramic Coatings

Our entry-level ceramic offering, this 100% silica content and eco-friendly formula preserves and protects your interior and exterior surfaces, keeping them looking their best. Coatings like IGL will make maintenance cleaning easier and less time consuming - watch the contaminants slide right off.

Paint Coatings


1 year of protection

IGL’s entry-level ceramic coating with 8H hardness and a 0.5 micron coating thickness. 



2 years of protection

IGL’s pioneer REACH-compliant coating. A high solids, low VOC formula with 9H hardness and a 0.5 micron coating thickness. Includes 2 years* of warranty coverage. 


Quartz +     

3 years of protection

This hybrid REACH-compliant coating merges two different coatings to create extreme gloss, reflectivity, durability, increased slick and anti-fouling properties, as well as extreme hydrophobic capabilities. Quartz + has a 9H Hardness with a 0.7 micron coating thickness. Includes 3 years* of warranty coverage.



5 years of protection

IGL’s flagship Coating, Kenzo offers a  class-leading 10H Hardness, ultimate gloss & shine, and maximum water repellency. This is IGL’s thickest paint coating with a thickness of 1.0 micron and graphene infusion. Installation includes 5 years* of warranty coverage.

Wrap Coatings


2 years of protection

Vinyl Film, PPF and other wraps deserve protection too. IGL’s Shield is a nanotechnology-based coating designed to crosslink, impregnate, and form a protective breathable barrier on the surface of polyurethane, vinyl, wraps, self healing paint protection films, and other flexible thermoplastics.

It protects the film against yellowing, fading, etching, and staining without affecting the self-healing properties. Shield also adds a hydrophobic layer to your wrap, improving gloss and extending the life of your investment (will not change the appearance of matte wraps). Includes 2 years* of warranty coverage.

Accessory Coatings


12 months of glass protection
Protects against oil, dirt, water, and the elements, reducing the need for windshield wipers in light rain. Includes 12 months* of warranty coverage.



12 months of leather protection
Renews leather, adding hydrophobic and oleophobic properties while preventing discoloration. Protects against wear, tear, and abrasion. Includes 12 months* of warranty coverage.



12 months of wheel protection
Resists adhesion of brake dust and has extreme durability against the high temperatures wheels can reach. Improves gloss and shine as it protects.. Includes 12 months* of warranty coverage.



12 months of protection
Keep your trim and exterior plastics protected against UV. This coating restores faded plastics and works on engine plastics, bumper plastics, and all other exterior plastic surfaces. Includes 12 months* of warranty coverage.



12 months of headlight protection
This coating prevents the yellowing of headlights, while adding gloss and shine. Includes 12 months* of warranty coverage.


Ecocoat Fabric

12 months of fabric protection

This ceramic coating is specifically designed for fabrics found in automotive applications. It helps repel liquids, dirt, and oils, preventing them from entering the fabric. Includes 12 months* of warranty coverage.

*Warranty: Warranties on IGL coatings are void if not maintained according to IGL specifications by the installing detailer. 


Need help deciding? Let our professional detailers guide you: 

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