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The Difference: High End Detail Shop Vs. Local Car Wash

So, you have made it back to our beginning series "The Difference". In this blog post we will discuss some of the key differences that separate a simple wash process from your local hand wash. The key focal point of most of your local car washes first and foremost is "volume" they want to wash the greatest number of cars per day at the most cost-effective business model possible. So, in order to achieve this cost-effective standard of operation, they are using things such as commercial car wash soaps, dressings, interior cleaners and waxes. And while no doubt they produce some clean looking vehicles for their clients, it comes at the expense of sometimes damaging the various surfaces, with the varying materials in today's automotive applications there really is no more "one size fits all" product when it comes to detailing.

Here and in other high end detailing operations we offer nothing, but the best boutique car detailing supplies made specifically to clean and/or restore and protect all of the various paint systems and interior materials used today. Our wash mitts are maintained at the highest levels to ensure no scratches are instilled in the paint during the washing process, Foam cannons and pH neutral specific soaps are used to pre-lube the surfaces and ensure minimal friction between the wash media and the washing surfaces. Multiple Buckets with Grit/Dirt protection systems installed in the bottom of the buckets to keep returning to the surface with dirt in the mitt a minimal risk. Multiple detail brushes to clean all of the various vents, grills, badges, emblems, crevices and special areas of vehicles as running a mitt across them does nothing for the intricacies of those items. We use a variety of products to provide the cleanest and most efficient service possible. You are paying us for the little things. The extra mile that doesn’t matter anywhere else but here.

Some people look at a vehicle as "just" a car. We see vehicles as typically the 2nd largest investment most people make in a lifetime next to a home. Why not treat it like it? The first judgement anyone makes on a vehicle when they first see it is the appearance. Maintaining the appearance of your vehicle allows your vehicle to retain a higher resale value longer or if you’re keeping your vehicle for the life of the car wouldn’t you like your vehicle to look the way it did if not better than it did the day you purchased it. We would too.

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